Bitumend Rejuvenate 20L

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A bitumen rejuvenator that reverses the effects of oxidisation in asphalt.
This is the most cost effective asphalt preservation system on the market.
Bitumend Rejuvenate penetrates into the asphalt leaving behind polymers that strengthen and add life to the bitumen.

By providing a seal over the surface of the asphalt it prevents/minimises water penetrating through the asphalt which is the cause of most asphalt failures such as potholes and cracking.
The seal is so thin that it does not reduce skid resistance and being a clear liquid money doesn’t need to be spent re line marking.

This unique formulation has been proven to increase pavement life and therefore save money.
With regular application (3-5 years) it can double the life of asphalt – don’t wait until it is too late – the best time to apply the first coat is 2 years after installation of asphalt.
Application rate: 1 litre can do between 10-20sqm depending on the age and quality of asphalt 20 L, 200 L


  • Rejuvenates old asphalt
  • Non Bitumen based
  • Not messy like bitumen emulsions
  • Polymers used to strength bitumen
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to apply
  • Lenghts the life of asphalt
  • No special equipment needs for residential applications
  • Seals surface of asphalt
  • Reduces water penetration
  • No loss of skid resistance
  • No need to re-line mark
  • Traffiable in minutes
  • Most cost effective preservation product
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