Coloured Cones – 700mm – Black base

$24.95 Price is excl. of GST and Freight

Description & Benefits

The coloured (yellow, blue, green and orange) black base 700mm Road Cones are 3KG, UV stablised and made of high quality PVC.
The coloured black based Road Cones are perfectly suited for use in and around car parks and warehousing environments.
Three great features about this cone are its height, weight and price.
1. At 700mm high and with two reflective bands these Black Base Cones are highly visible and therefore easily seen.
2. At only 3kgs it is very easy to pick up and move around yet weighty enough not to be blown around by the wind.
3. The price for these cones are substantially less than the heavier 900mm counterparts.
700mm (H)
UV stabilised
High quality PVC
Come with reflective cone collars
Bright fluorescent colour
Yellow, Orange, Blue, Lime Green
Price is plus GST and Freight.