Corner Protector

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Traffic R Us Rubber Corner Guards are constructed from 16mm of high impact resistance natural rubber.
They are designed to protect the edges of columns and walls as well as preventing nasty scratches and panel damage to vehicles.

They also have the added benefit of improving day and night time visibility with the bright contrast of the yellow reflective sheeting and the black rubber colouring.

This gives the car park or warehouse both a professional look and a safety minded image.

They can save you expensive repair bills and you’ll end up with happier customers/users of the car park who are unfortunate enough to open a door into a column or misjudge a turn and scratch the side of their along the corner of a wall.

Traffic R Us Corner Guards are a great solution for busy car parks, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, hotels, schools, sports grounds and a multitude of other commercial properties.


800mm(L) x 100mm(H) x 16mm(W)
High impact resistance
Natural rubber
Protect edges
High quality reflective
Easy to install
4.5kg each.

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