European Arrow Board

Mobile lane closure and traffic guidance without a doubt! – SALES – POA

In addition to the widely spread upper light arrow board the white LED arrow on the lower board shows clearly and precisely which way to go, especially in severe weather conditions and bad ambient light.

Other than standard blue/white arrow discs (not illuminated) the white LED arrow can be switched off completely (even not pointing downwards), for certain applications where no driving direction shall be displayed, i.e. when part of the roadway is unsafe to pass.

All the electronic components manufactured in Germany by Horizont GmbH.
Components comply with EN12352 and are certified by the BASt
New LED RG – 17/34. Made with approx. 300+ LEDs & a warning should there be too many failed LEDs
Mild steel hot dipped galvanised steel frame fabricated in NZ to NZ conditions.
The design features a “window” in the top board that offers significantly less wind resistance and thus lower fuel usage.
Come with (or without) our new “Hi Speed” Linak lifting ram
Supplied with an in cab control unit showing the arrow position and a fault warning beeper
Comes with “conflict protection” software – the LED arrow and the Light arrow always show the same message

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