Kerb Ramps

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Made from a high density virgin rubber, Traffic R Us Kerb Ramps are very durable and being modular are easy to install and remove.

They are fitted with bolt holes which means the kerb ramps can be installed as a permanent solution or they be used as a temporary ramp and be easily removed depending on your requirements.

The high performance grip means that vehicles and pedestrians will not slip and it also makes a good traction device for getting vehicles out of boggy ground. It comes with bright reflective sheeting so is both highly visible and attractive.

The segments can also be backed up against one another to create a very high speed hump – ideal for yards with lots of large trucks.

Underneath the ramps there are channels to allow water to flow along the kerb without building up and creating a large puddle around your temporary crossing or kerb ramps.

Mid section: 600mm (L) x 100mm (H) x 300mm (W) 12kg
Easy to install
15 tonne capacity
Bright reflective material
High performance reflective grip
Channels for running cables

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