Mobile Commercial Media & Video Board

Variable Message Sign (VMS) is a fully
solar powered device that can display
any range of text message,graphics and
animations in 5 colors.
constructional engineering,mining
work safety, and also advertising and
public notice of upcoming events like
international conference expo and
sports events.
Media & Video Board (FC-VMS) is a
portable video display trailer that can
be towed easily and displaying
anyrange of text message, pictures and
Traffic R Us FC-VMS is an ideal tool for
outdoor mobile advertising as you can
advertise your sales, store opening,
festivals,special events, promotional
campaigns,public service campaign,
and alsorather suitable for your rental
The Mobile Commercial Media & Video Board are manufactured in our ISO9001 facility with
innovative technology. The unique hardware and software features of our Mobile Commercial
Media & Video Board allow you to program your device remotely via 3G connected
computers, wirelessly via APP installed mobile phones, and/or via Ethernet connection
based on what control system you choose for your Mobile Commercial Media & Video Board.
You may choose any preferred pitch display from our wide range LED modules.

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