Oil Only Spill Kit 120Ltr

$513.16 Price is excl. of GST and Freight

Despite the best efforts of businesses to properly contain liquids and avoid spills, from time to time accidents will happen and you need to be able to respond quickly and safely.

The SpillTech range of spill kits and absorbents enable you to quickly and safely clean up.

SpillTech Oil Pads 400gsm 50
SpillTech Oil Sock 3m 2
SpillTech Oil Sock 1.2m 2
SpillTech Oil Pillow 1
P2/N95 Disposable Mask 1
Pair Chemical Gloves – XL 1
Comet Safety Specs – Clear 1
Breathable Laminate Coverall 1
Spill Tech Waste Disposal Bags 2
Cable Ties 2
SpillTech® Instruction Card 1
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