Portable Traffic Lights(PTL) Cart Type

  • Horizont klemmfix`s range of signal heads for work zones are designed to provide long life with minimal maintenance.
  • The equipment is easily erected and configured for use.
  • 2 phase or multi-phase traffic controlling. Different versions are suitable for diverse applications.
  • In the Cable Linked or Radio Linked operation, a traffic-dependent control is possible via detectors with fully automatic adaptation of green times.
  • Through their modular design, this traffic light system is suitable for any user.
  • All units are interchangeable with no need for a matched pair (i.e. no slave/master)
  • For the installation, planning and calculation of the times please follow local regulations.
Euro-Signal cableless system

Field of application:
Designed for 2 phase control


  • Circuitry in the green light chamber
  • terminal with illuminated LCDisplay
  • automatic calculation of red/green times by setting distance and Km/h only or individual values for all parameters
  • voltage control (deep discharge protection)
  • program storage on power break
  • automatic night dimming
  • most countries’ traffic codes
  • various languages selectable (English,French, German, …)
  • Radio Linked/ Cable Linked / Cableless
  • Up to 8 Signal heads
  • 4 Frequencies (D)
  • Automatic frequency selection

Portable Traffic Lights Catalogue

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