Speed Cushion


Traffic R Us Speed Cushion is used as a traffic calming device and is very effective at slowing vehicle speeds without causing damage.

Many local authorities run into public opposition when installing speed humps or speed tables – the speed cushion is the solution. It's is small enough for emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances to straddle the width of the cushion without slowing but large enough to cause cars and light vehicles lower their speeds.

During the day the red colour of the cushion provides a clear visual warning while at night the embedded reflective beads also provide excellent warning to the drivers.

Speed cushions are also often less costly than their asphalt or concrete speed hump equivalents while many cities around the world report them to be just as effective. The Traffic R Us Speed Cushion is made from recycled rubber tires which is lighter and easier and quicker to install than asphalt and concrete. The rubber sections can easily be removed without causing damage unlike their asphalt and concrete counterparts.

Unlike concrete and asphalt which necessitate frequent and high cost replacement, rubber products are long lasting and cost-efficient. In addition to long term benefits, rubber products offer a quick and easy install which saves a lot of time and money.

Each section is 45kg
Four sections make up 1800mm(L) x 65mm (H) x 3000mm(W)
Reflective Material for increased night time visibility
Extremely durable
9 fixings per piece

Price is Excluding GST and Freight. If you have any questions please contacts us on Products@trafficrus.co.nz

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