T-Top Bollard

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Designed for maximum visibility, quick setup and low maintenance, these movable bollards or delineation posts have a 'flare‐bottom' design to insure positive locking of post and base.
Delineation bases are made from high quality rubber.
They come standard with molded lower handhold grip which makes them easy to pick up.

The T shaped handle on the top of the bollard makes it very easy to carry and move the bollard from one place to another on the work site or warehouse.
It also has a bolt hole positioned in the middle of the handle for a flashing light if required.

They can also be used as the posts to attach safety mesh to create a safety fence along a work site to delineate a work zone.

1150mm high
Very stable in high winds
Fluoro orange
Rubber base
Made from UV resistant PE
Reflective band

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