TC Mini Display Trailer

TraffiCalm’s Driver Feedback (DFB) signs are an effective tool
in decreasing speeds in urban communities, on highways,
in school zones, construction sites or special events. Now, with
TraffiCalm’s new TC Mini Display Trailer, traffic calming is even
easier. A portable sign operating on solar power or batteries can be
moved from place to place, collecting data about traffic that can be
downloaded through a wireless Bluetooth
connection. The trailer allows for DFB’s to
be quickly and easily deployed wherever
* Quick and easy setup
* For use with TraffiCalm’s Driver Feedback or
Variable Speed Limit Signs up to 381 mm … (sign
ordered separately)
* Meets DOT regulations & requirements for safety
and road worthiness.
* Powder coated in white or work zone orange
(optional colors available)
* Speed Limit Sign included with
numerical plaques to allow for changes to the
static speed limit to be made.
* Two stabilizers that drop to
grade with an additional onehand
crank stabilizer provides
added stability, securing the
sign even in high winds
* Collapsible hitch beam,
cables and wires
routed through the frame or in
conduit to protect against
vandalism or theft
* Connecting bracket at rear of
trailer provided for tandem
towing if necessary.
* Made in the USA

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