Health & Safety

Our focus on convenience and minimal traffic disruption will never compromise safety.

Safety and convenience underpin everything we do at Traffic R Us. We ensure traffic flows smoothly with minimal disruption, but we never compromise on safety.

We ensure we are a step ahead at all times so we can operate with a no surprises policy.

Traffic management for all road users

Traffic management involves more than motorists. When we plan, we consider every type of road user – pedestrians, joggers, cyclist and bus drivers.

Traffic management for all conditions

We examine the road conditions and surrounding environment carefully before finalising and executing out traffic management plans. New Zealand roads are subjected to a wide range of conditions, each of which requires different attention.

Health and safety training

Ensuring a safe passage around road changes involves giving everyone involved a clear direction. We enact that philosophy internally as well, with regular meetings and training sessions to ensure everyone is up-to-speed.

All Traffic R Us employees receive training to the NZTA standards of compliance, qualifications that range from Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) Level 1 through to STMS Level 2-3P