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H1 wheelstop 2 piece

Wheel Stop 1.8 M Two Pieces

The wheel stops (also called car stops or parking blocks ) are made from a long...

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Stop Go / Paddles

Stop/Go Paddles are generally used where traffic control is required. Also suitable for school areas. -1800mm (H)...

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Sandbags Orange - Filled

Traffic R Us Sand Bags have been designed to for long life and high visibility. They are...

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Child Vest Mixed

Child Vests

Traffic R Us stocks orange, yellow and pink Safety vests for children. The vests have been designed...

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H1 aerocone

Aero Cone 6.0kg

The Aero Cone is a high quality slim profile safety cone made from a single piece...

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PaddedImage300230FFFFFF SetWidth200 Safety Fence1

Hi-Street Safety Fence

The Traffic R Us Safety Fence is an NZTA compliant barrier that is approved for use...

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