Remote Parking Lock

Remote Parking Lock

Product Code: 5200

$193.00 + G.S.T.

This battery operated remote parking lock is used to protect and save private car spaces.
It is very easy to install and operate and will secure your car park without the time and stress of calling tow trucking companies or parking down the road.

It provides a polite and effective way of preventing people from taking your space. 

The lock is raised and lowered by a battery operated remote control.
The extra security of a key lock helps prevent tampering. 


600mm(L) x 100mm(H) x 160mm (W) (lowered)

310mm (H) (raised)

Highly visible yellow & black

Warning sound prior to rise

Two remotes and two keys

30m range on remote control

Rechargeable battery with 3-4 months life


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