Temporary Reseal Markers

Temporary Reseal Markers

$0.29 - $0.39 + G.S.T.
Standard $0.29
Reflective $0.32
Reflective - Pull Of Tab $0.39

Reseal markers provide immediate and cost effective delineation for both day and night and easy identification of the original line markings during resealing.  Peel off the tab and stick to the ground. 

-Bitumen adhesive pad with pull off pad
-3 different options 
 standard tab
 marker with reflective double sided
 marker with reflective double sided and pull of tab
-white stock standard (other colours avaliable ex stock)


  • Double sided reflective stripes
  • Bitument adhesive pads
  • Optional plastic rip off covers - Ex Stock
  • Price is Excluding GST and Freight. If you have any questions please contacts us on  Products@trafficrus.co.nz