Buskers Festival

One of the events of the year, the Buskers festival requires serious traffic management.

About 20,000 people enjoy the twists and turns of the performances in the International Buskers Festival in Christchurch. The twists and turns on the street? Not so much.

That’s why we worked diligently to ensure the event’s traffic management was delivered with elegance and effectiveness.

It wasn’t just the traffic at the entrance that needed guidance, but also inside the park and further afield along Armagh Street. Here, we worked to deliver a street layout that could be effectively travelled by both the large walk-up crowd and the number of vehicles requiring transit.

Inside the park we made certain parking could be accessed with the minimum of fuss and stress. We also went beyond the brief with our service. Providing signage for pedestrians, joggers and cyclists to safely navigate the change in landscape meant everyone could get easily to the hat at the end of each performance.