Ferrymead Bridge

The Ferrymead Bridge is a vital conduit between the city and hill suburbs.

We won the contract for traffic management of bridge project back in 2010. Then the February earthquake struck and the project got that much more difficult.

The quake caused significant damage to the existing structure and complicated the construction of two temporary bridges, structures necessary for the traffic to run on while the old bridge was demolished and replaced. Further complications on the widening of roads leading to and from the bridge have ensured we’ve had to stay on our toes.

Some key challenges stood out. Access for pedestrians needed to be consistent and, above all, safe. Cyclists required protection from vehicles in often-tight spaces. And the frustration of drivers required addressing.

Drilling for core testing was also involved at multiple sites on and around the bridge area, requiring constant realignment of traffic paths.

Despite the noise and changes the two temporary bridges have been well received by local residents. With these in place work is now well underway on the new construct.

The high profile and high stakes of the job have given us a chance to work on a large stage.